Sufficient Healthcare Services

We provide a wide range of care services from Homecare/ Domiciliary, Live-In Care to Home Care, Waking nights, Sleep Over or even Medication services

Day to Day care

  • Medication- Our staff can maintain a schedule of medication and administer on time.
  • Home Care- We provide the best care in the place you treasure the most – your home!
  • Rehabilitation- Helping individuals to cope better catalysing their recovery process.
  • Companionship- It is often said good companionship with laughter and a happy spirit helps in quicker recovery.
  • Personal Hygiene- We have staff who can support nurses with help in maintaining the hygiene of the clients.
  • Domestic Services- We rise-up to the occasion and provide the required help that best suits your current needs.
  • Meal Preparation- Our staff help in the preparation of healthy food and drink according to dietary needs.
  • Waking or Sleepover- Companionship, security, and help with the basic needs through the night.
  • Shopping- Help with shopping to ease the effort and time of elderly individuals.
  • Escorting individuals to social activities.

Supported Living

The service Provides Support for adult individuals living with Mental Health diagnosis. The level of support depends on individual care needs. The provision of support ranges from 24/7 care to flexible support. The company pride itself for encouraging individuals to maintain their independence whilst going through their day-to-day activities in a safe environment.

Service users are offered the opportunity to be as independent as possible within a warm, caring environment. The aim of the service is to provide a reliable mental health to reduce stigma and social isolation, as well as encouraging clients in building their social networks whiles maintaining good family relationships.

Categories of Supported Living provision will be as follows:

  • Sheltered & Extra Care Housing
  • Short-term Supported Housing
  • Long Term Housing


Taking away loneliness of clients placed in our care includes proving a listening ear so they can share their concerns, taking them to their favourite places and providing structure in clients routine. Other services include going to the cinema with clients, engaging them with indoors social activities, arranging and accompanying individuals to appointments.

Promoting community engagement

To avoid social isolation, the team ensures clients under our care have access other services in the community. Clients are offered the opportunity to join in activities that takes place both within the home or in the community. This forms the basis of our inclusion policy which aim to reduce or eliminates isolation whiles providing stimulation within a safe environment.


Our accommodation offers an alternative place of residence for adults with mental health needs. The service will allow clients to have their own tenancy agreement whilst they live in a supported environment with staff onsite. This will give them the sense of living independent life and having level of autonomy.

Our Core Values


We deliver our promise by working at a high standard. We do not compromise what we cannot do


We are enthusiastic about meeting the need of our clients


To ensure diversity, we treat our clients, family members and other team members with mutual respect.


We accept responsibility for our actions and ensure positive outcome is achieve

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Sufficient Health Care